Incremental system software for Raspberry Pi. From a blinking LED to a video game.

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Computer Systems

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Welcome to the repository for the book Computer Systems Incremental Systems Engineering and associated Laboratory for Raspberry Pi. This source code repository is organized by the chapters of the book, one (1) through twelve (12). Each chapter is an accumulation of the source code created in the chapters before it.

Direct links to download (or web view) the first half of the book and lab (free). For other e-reader formats visit Leanpub and click the Read Free Sample button to choose your reader format.

Computer Systems (web view)

Computer Systems Lab for Raspberry Pi (web view)

If you found this repository before the books, below are the references into Leanpub for the books. For the second half of the books the bundle (last link below) is highly recommended as only the Laboratory book explains all the Raspberry Pi hardware details.

Computer Systems on Leanpub

Computer Systems Lab for Raspberry Pi on Leanpub

Computer Systems Bundle on Leanpub

Print copies of the books are also available on Amazon.

Computer Systems Series

Below are some screenshots of using the debugger and playing the game in the last chapter.

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Appendix A

Using the low cost SiPeed USB to UART/JTAG adapter and a Windows PC as the development PC. This is an alternative to using a Raspbian development PC.

Appendix A: Windows Development PC